The Leviton Advantage

Leviton is the one-stop solution providing home charging stations and installation services for 120V and 240V applications. We offer industry leading support and value for Honda customers. An industry leading global manufacturer of electrical wiring devices, Leviton offers unsurpassed customer support. The foundation of our success is our values-oriented approach. These values are instilled in our workforce, reflected in our products, and demonstrated in how we support our customers. They are the bedrock of our relationships with employees, customers, and business partners. Our industry is full of smart people and great products. At Leviton, we define smart differently. Smart is about ingenuity – applied to how we create sustainable solutions in wiring devices, lighting controls, and network infrastructure. Smart is about progress – as evidenced by our unrivaled product and patent portfolio. Smart professionals choose Leviton because our products – from switches and receptacles to daylight harvesting controls to intricate network systems – provide smart, reliable solutions that pay off in time, energy, and cost savings. We are committed to powering progress and improving the way we live, one building at a time. Our product teams strive for continuous improvement. Our patent portfolio, which consistently earns among the highest scores from The Patent Board™ for its industry impact, is evidence of our relentless focus on developing pragmatic solutions. This is evident through our history of industry firsts including:

  • SmartlockPro Slim GFCIs
    When it comes to GFCI installation, size really does matter. That's why we've trimmed the profile of our industry-leading SmartlockPro GFCI receptacle to fit into any wallbox, even shallow ones.

  • TR receptacle (T5320)
    As a long-time manufacturer of TR devices, we are pleased to be at the forefront of this safety measure with an expanded product line that encompasses a wide range of TR devices.

  • Renu
    Renu is the smart new way to update the look of a room, now and later. The Renu collection includes switches, dimmers and outlets with faces you can update yourself whenever you're ready for a new look. Available in 20 popular colors, Renu turns the electrical device into a decorative, easy to change accessory.

  • Decora switch (5601)
    Renowned Decora rocker switches are legendary for their streamlined elegance and smooth operation. Featuring a look and feel that qualifies the switches as modern classics, they enhance décor at a very modest cost.

  • 47603-DP6
    Leviton's Compact Series: 4 Telephone, 4 Data and 6-way Video Panel combines a Combo Phone and Data board and a 6-way 1 GHz splitter on a dedicated plastic bracket for essential telephone, data, and TV RF signal distribution in an apartment, small house, or condominium.

  • 47611-GT4
    Leviton's 10/100Mbps 4-Port Internet Router allows multiple users to use a single, secure, high-speed broadband (DSL or cable) Internet connection.

  • 47693-8P
    Leviton's Premium CATV Modules are designed to distribute incoming RF signals (Cable TV, HDTV, Antenna or other modulated sources) to 1, 8 or 16 locations throughout a home or office on coaxial cable.

  • ODS10-IDW
    Passive Infrared Wall Switch Occupancy Sensor. The ODS10-IDW uses passive infrared (PIR) detection technology to monitor a room for occupancy through a segmented Fresnel lens.

    Passive Infrared High-Bay Fixture Mount Occupancy Sensor. The high-bay sensor maximizes energy savings, incorporating false detection algorithms to eliminate false ON's by nuisance tripping or background environmental conditions.

  • 5480-IGI-W
    Leviton's 4-in-1 Surge Receptacles provide a larger number of outlets with a more utility oriented appearance.